Holiday Living

First I’ll start with a bit of an update/recap of the last few weeks.

– We’ve been busy painting and prepping our girl’s “big  room, girl” room.  So far it’s painted, and Todd did such a great job!  He loves when G says “Daddy painted my room, it’s beautiful!”.  Her bed is in, but we are waiting on bedding that she is getting as Christmas gifts to put that all together.  We purchased an old dresser at a consignment store and our amazing family friend is helping us sand and re-paint it to go with the grey and pink color scheme we have going so far.

photo 16  I’m now on the look out for fun knobs to go on it.  I also ordered spice racks from Ikea that I’ll be painting and using as bookshelves, an idea I’ve seen a few times on Pinterest (   So the room is definitely a work in progress, but the best part is how excited she is about it.   Every time someone comes over she says, “Follow me guys, see my new room!”.  We’ll see how the actual transition from her crib/nursery to a real bed goes, but my fingers are crossed.

– As far as pregnancy goes, things are moving along smoothly.  25 weeks in and really looking and feeling pregnant with a popping belly button and everything.  I can feel and see the baby moving and kicking all the time.  Although I often complain about the woes of pregnancy, the baby moving is by far the coolest, most exciting part and something I look forward to each day.  We are working on our name lists, and since we aren’t finding out if we are having a boy or a girl (we didn’t find out with Gianna either and loved the surprise) we have to come up with both.  We seem to be struggling a bit more this time with names, but I know something great will come to us sooner or later (I hope…).

Okay, now that your caught up on the big happenings in our house, it holiday time!


This year we are so grateful for our loving and supportive family and friends, good health, our beautiful girl and our new baby on the way!  We celebrated all we are thankful for with a weekend full of family, friends, great food and some old and new holiday traditions.

G in her Thanksgiving outfit – I took about twenty pictures and got one good one-

photo 2

The rest looked like this –photo 1

Food highlights included Thanksgiving morning breakfast bowls made by my mom.

*Breakfast Bowl recipe found here:

Ours before baking – photo 21

Later in the day we feasted on the traditional and yummy Thanksgiving fare at Todd’s grandmother’s house.  This year I contributed a green salad that I’ve found to be a crowd pleaser year round.

* Corn Salad: Arugula, fresh corn off the cob, avocado, red onion, chopped marcona almonds, crumbled crispy prosciutto (broil on a baking sheet for 5 min) and shaved parmesan or manchego cheese.  Toss with lemon juice, olive oil, a drizzle of truffle oil, and salt and pepper.

Here are some pics of the rest of our weekend’s adventures.

Baking pumpkin pies with Gigi –

photo 17 photo 18

The traditional Thanksgiving morning pic with my brother and sister (3 years running) –

569 049 photo 19

“Snow Flurries” at a local town tree-lighting event…she wasn’t loving them-  photo 3

More tradition with a trip to the Christmas tree farm –

024 029 037 photo 6


And finally a new tradition with Elf on the Shelf.  Here is her letter from Santa that she got with the Elf (now named “Snowflake”), and the first few days of elf mischief –

photo 5 photo 12

photo 15

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and are getting into the spirit of the Christmas season.  Stay tuned for fun Christmas décor and craft ideas along with some great new family meal night recipes in the coming weeks.

One response to “Holiday Living

  1. Cathy

    Another great blog Noel! Loved the pictures . Thanks for sharing ! Love and miss you all!

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