Fall Living

Well, it’s been over a month since my last post (again..) and although I’ve had some great things to share, finding the time to sit down and write has been a challenge.  Between keeping up with my oh so busy 2 year old, finding some time to be crafty, the urge to curl up and nap every time my girl does, and that pesky laundry/household chores thing…it’s been a little crazy. My first trimester pregnancy symptoms are finally starting to subside, even though I am well into my second trimester.  More and more foods are starting to sound good instead of making me gag, and although exhaustion still sets in, it happens closer to 7pm than 2pm.  Also, I am starting to embrace the maternity wear phase!  It makes getting dressed each morning more fun, and less depressing than trying to squeeze into my regular clothes.  I look forward to sharing some of my fave pregnancy fashion with you soon.

baby bump The bump is starting to show!

In other news, as Fall has arrived I have been busy gearing our household up for the season.  We’ve been decorating, costume planning, and cooking warm and cozy meals.

Today I want to share a few of those fun things with you!

A fave easy fall décor item –

candle1  candle2

A take on a Pinterest find from www.shanty-2-chic.com –


Also check out this tutorial for the burlap rosettes, it really helped me.  http://vintagemellie.blogspot.com/2013/03/burlap-rosette-tutorial.html

This craft isn’t necessarily fall related, but I made them recently as a housewarming gift for my sibilings who have all moved into new places in the past few months.

chalk gifts

To make –

Wood frame – 4.99 from Beverly’s crafts; paint was left over from the frames I painted for Gianna’s birthday; chalkboard paint for the center, which has become a staple around here (Todd is really into it and made Gianna a chalkboard that he attached to the fence in the backyard); a few screw in hooks on the bottom for keys.  They weren’t perfect as some chalkboard paint got on the boarder and vice versa when I tried to touch it up, but it still worked and looks super cute when wrapped with a few pieces of chalk.

chalkboard at lsHere it is hung at my sister’s place.

More crafts, clothes, and recipes to come (I promise in a more timely manner from now on).  But I couldn’t resist leaving you with a few pics from last weekend’s grape picking, and wine making adventure.  Gianna helped with the final harvest and crush for the amateur wine I’ve mentioned that my Dad makes with his friends.

g me and l grapes  g and grapes

g and papa  g and papaJ

Happy Harvest and Happy Fall friends!

One response to “Fall Living

  1. Cathy Huff

    Hi Noel,
    Love reading your blogs and look forward to the next each time. You are so beautiful but pregnant you are even more so! Glad you are feeling better in the second trimester. Gianna is the cutest thing ever. Miss you all. Take care.
    Cathy and family

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