Big News!

As many of you saw on my Facebook page at the end of last week, our little family couldn’t be more excited to share the big news that we are expecting baby #2!

Baby 2 announcement

It is such a blessing, and something we’ve very much been looking forward to since starting our family over 2 years ago.

So many emotions have come with this pregnancy.  From the excitement of getting to experience all the big firsts and sweet moments of a little life all over again, to a bit of sadness in knowing our time alone with our precious girl will soon be over, then back to excitement and pride with the thoughts and visions of what a great big sister she will be, just to name a few.

You also may have noticed that my posts have been a bit sporadic over the last 2 months.  I haven’t been trying many new recipes or cooking very much in general as I’m pretty nauseous most days, especially in the evening right around dinner time.  To be honest I even avoid Pinterest at some times of day, as the food photos are killing me!  Fashion wise, I seem to be showing a bit sooner this time around and while I’m not quite ready for full on maternity clothes most of my favorite summer pieces aren’t fitting quite right.  Yoga pants and maxi dresses are my go to these days.  The need to nap or at least rest while my little one does wins out most days, and takes up most of my crafting/project/blogging time.  But hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll get my appetite and energy back (just in time for lots of fun Fall food, fashion, and crafts) and have lots to share with you.

For now, here is how we are “Living the Dream”:

1. New Toys:  Thank goodness Gianna got so many amazing new toys for her birthday right when this mama needs her to be occupied and happy! Some favorites are her playhouse from her grandparents which provides hours of outdoor fun and adorable imaginary play, and her easel on which we tried out painting for the first time last week.

play house  easle

2.  Cuddle Time: Gianna and I are enjoying some cuddle time when mommy isn’t feeling great, and watching classic Disney movies that are quickly becoming her favorites.  (Seriously this saves me on some days) So far we are in love with Aladdin, which she refers to “A Whole New World”, Little Mermaid or “Under the Sea” and Beauty and the Beast, better known as “Belle”.   Although the other day she was more content on her Minnie Couch (another great birthday gift) than cuddling with me, during movie time.


3. Big Girl Room: Todd and I are busy planning our girl’s move into a big girl room and all the fun decorating that comes with it.

4. Undone “To Do” lists: This is usually a big no, no in my life, but I’m focusing on taking care my girl and myself these days.  I’m not stressing that her 2 year photo book just came yesterday instead of being done and here 3 weeks ago for her birthday, or that her birthday thank you notes aren’t all done and mailed out yet.  Laundry gets washed, but not folded right away, and some major organizing projects have been put on hold.  But for now that’s okay.

For now we are living the dream of expanding our family and all the ups and downs that go with that.  I can’t wait to share more as Fall and holiday time comes near and plans for baby and big sister become a reality!

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