Summer Bites

I am excited to share today a few of the best summer dishes we’ve cooked up and tried out  this summer.  And although I’m not going to lie, I’m already getting anxious for fall cooking, decorating, and of course fall fashion there is still some great summer produce out there and time to try out some of these yummy recipes!

An all BBQ dinner –

Ladies you’re going to love this one, very little mess and all done outside!  A few weeks ago Todd and I wanted to try a dinner cooked all on our out door grill.

*Now side note, in hindsight I would have started the potatoes in the oven, or boiling them, or even a few minutes in the microwave, as their cook time varied greatly from the rest of the items and as a result were a bit raw when they got to our plate.

Ingredients – Salmon, fresh sliced veggies (onion, bell peppers, and all kinds of squashes are perfect), French bread, and small chopped multi-colored potatoes.

We seasoned everything with olive oil, salt, pepper and bit of creole seasoning and threw it all on the grill.

IMG_1105  IMG_1107

Stone Fruit Galette  –

I’m putting it out there, I don’t bake! With the exception of the occasional chocolate chip cookie I have taken a firm stance against baking.  Now I love baked goods, but for some reason I can never seem to get it right and end up frustrated and throwing out whatever, burnt, melted mess my dessert has turned into.  However, a few Sunday’s ago we were having family and friends over for a Sunday night dinner and I realized I hadn’t bought anything for dessert.  I looked around the kitchen and saw lots of peaches, plums and nectarines, many of which were a very ripe, and a frozen pizza dough from a local bakery.  I love galettes and thought why not, I could probably make one out of this stuff…

I went to the internet and found a great recipe for a stone fruit galette at . I used this as a guide, although I obviously did not make my own dough.  And you know it turned out so great!  Only change from the recipe was the cook time.  The pizza dough galette was done in about 45 min instead of the hour and 10 suggested for homemade dough.


Summer Salad –

This came about last weekend when Todd and I were hungry for something light for lunch and has since been made at least three other times this week.

Ingredients – Fresh peaches, fresh figs, tomatoes and basil from our garden, and fresh mozzarella (I’m a sucker for the kind in water and found a great deal on some quality mozzarella at Costco).

Take all ingredients and chop to a similar size, then toss with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and serve with bread for dipping and scooping.

As school starts back up and life gets more hectic, take some time to soak in the last few weeks of summer and all food and sun that comes with it!

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  1. Emmy

    That salad sounds amazing!!

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