Summer Nights

The funny thing about writing this blog is that I started by wanting to put tips, recipes and crafty stuff out there, but have found myself enjoying the actual writing piece much more than I thought would.  It’s a chance to reflect back on the day’s or week’s happenings that I never gave myself the time for before starting this blog.

Yesterday I sat down to jot some notes for this week’s post, originally planning to post a few tidbits about our start to summer and a recipe and story for a great appetizer for summer BBQ’s and get togethers.  I ended up writing three pages in my notebook that had nothing to do with the recipe but lots to do with friends and family and those summer parties.  I’ve decided to share that with you today.  The recipe for the appetizer and the story that goes with it will come soon.

One of my favorite parts of summer is that along with the warm weather and longer days, comes weekend BBQs, and some planned, but many impromptu dinners with neighbors, friends and family.  The impromptu ones are my favorite I think.  It’s when toddlers are down to their diapers after playing in the water table all afternoon, moms are enjoying a glass of wine and the dads are coming in the door.  Dinner could be take-out, re-made left overs, or thrown together from the freezer/cupboard/garden etc, but it’s always good when shared with friends.  We worry less about the dishes and the kids marking our patio furniture with chalk, and more about their giggles, and smiles and blossoming friendship.

graffiti  ge1

Parents talk about everything from babies’ poop consistency and eating habits, to future home plans, vacations and shopping lists – stopping every few minutes to marvel at our babies and how they’ve grown into little girls and how stinkin’ cute they are.

ge lounge

Of course, often this all too serene moment is interrupted as one of our “angels” has swiped a toy, or sippy, or snack cup from the other or turns aren’t being taken nicely on the slide or the ever popular “nooo” as rocks from the side yard are dumped from a pail into the grass.


It’s all part of this wonderful, messy, beautiful life we’ve created and the backdrop of summer this time of year makes it all that much sweeter.

2013-04-20 20.18.31

Mama’s and babies dancin’!

Here’s to many impromptu dinners with family and friends to come!

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