Enjoying the Moment

This week I didn’t throw any great parties, go on any vacations, or cook any amazing new meals.  And while I like to show case those things on this blog, I also want to use it to share the everyday happenings of my life and what’s going on in this moment.  Hopefully this gives you more of an insight into who I am and what my life and family are all about.

In This Moment –

With expanding our family hopefully being on the horizon, we are enjoying this in between time.  This time as a family of 3 and as a couple.  Our toddler is so much fun at 21 months and we are soaking up every bit of her ever expanding vocabulary, play skills and growing independence.  Some favorite new phrases are, “Gianna do it self!”, “Gianna’s turn” and “Mama I want it.”  She also has incorporated some very sweet phrases such as “Here go Mommy”, when sharing her toys (and chewed up food) and the heart melter, “wuv you”.  She’s also become better at playing by herself, and I’ve caught myself stopping chores to watch and listen to her do imaginary play with her baby dolls, stuffed animals and Disney figurines.

Our girl also loves to be outside!  Many afternoons are spent playing with water in the backyard.  Weather I’ve set up the nice water table or just filled up some big old Tupperware, it’s pure entertainment for hours.  We have some cool water toys that came with the table, but honestly she’s happiest with the dollar store set of measuring cups I gave her.

water 1 water 2

In the evenings when Todd gets home, we continue backyard play after dinner, or take a walk around the neighborhood.  We have a small park a block from our house so we often end there for some late evening play time.

IMG_0856 IMG_0859

As a couple we are enjoying this time together as well.  Now that our girl is a good napper and sleeper (after her 10month old-19month old sleep strike) it leaves us some nice couple time on weekend afternoons and at night after she’s asleep.  Watching a movie on the couch, since we never seem to make it to the theater, and sipping on a cocktail with my husband on a Friday night is truly heaven these days.  Although it’s a far cry form the old days of college partying or fancy newlywed date nights, it’s where we are at this time in our lives and it’s really nice to just enjoy this moment and reconnect.

What’s Next –

Here are some of the projects I have in the works that I will be sharing with you soon!

1. Baby girl’s year 2 photo book.  Last year I took a tip from a mom blog I read and instead of a scrapbook, which I’m not great at any way, I made photo book of her first year using Shutterfly.  Now I have a million pictures from her first year, but I chose a few favorites from each month/holiday/and special event and used ones that were fun and may have not already been printed and framed.


I also tried to include photos of family members and friends so she could see who was there for her first year.  I’m working now on year 2 and will have it done by her birthday in August.  My goal is a book a year for each kid.  That way they have kind of a yearbook of each year of their life instead of lots of loose photos or bulky albums.  Shutterfly’s website is easy to use and you can be as creative or generic as you like.  They also often run specials on their photobooks so it’s easy to get a great deal.

2.  Planning Gianna’s 2nd birthday party!  So far I’ve got a theme, “Under the Sea”, and have started working on some of the party crafts and activity ideas.

3.  A little something for me: I’m working on some ideas for a DIY jewelry holder/display for my dresser.  My jewelry is constantly tangled and I’m always missing one earring to a set or forgetting about this bracelet or that because I can’t see what I’ve got.  I’ve seen some great ideas on pinterest and am excited to get working on my own.


Last week I told you that we use store bought pizza dough as a catch all for the week’s left overs. Well this week I made the pesto chicken recipe I shared with you and last night we spread the left over pesto and roasted tomato sauce on the dough with chunks of the chicken and some fresh mozzarella.  It was amazing! Todd said it’s one the of the best things he’s ever put in his mouth!


Have a great weekend and happy June!



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