30th Birthday Bash!

Over the weekend we celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday! I took the opportunity to put some of my newly acquired craft skills to work.  I say “newly acquired” because I have recently (since my daughters 1st birthday last August) been channeling the creative side I used to use in my teaching life into some creative, crafty activities around the house.  Lately I’ve been focusing my creative energy on party décor and have found that not only is it a fun way to put a personal spin on a party but it is a bit of a money saver as well.  I tried my hand at some crafts over the winter holidays and created some custom décor items to add to my godson’s recent first birthday party.  My husband’s party over the weekend however was the first party I’ve thrown where my vision really came to life!

The theme of the party was a craft beer tasting.

invite pic

This theme worked well as it incorporated one of my husband’s favorite things with a party activity built in.  When we first came up with the idea I scoured the internet (pinterest especially) to find “beer tasting” and “30th birthday” party ideas.  I pulled from what I found and added a few twists of my own and we came out with a great party!

One Pinterest idea I saw and ran with was using beer bottles as vases.  I picked some flowers growing in a field near our house and mixed them with some fake dried flowers and wheat stalks I found at Micheal’s craft store.

photo 1

I was able to create and print most of the paper décor items like a banner, all the labels and the invitations at home using www.avery/print.com.  Some designs I printed to actual Avery labels and some I saved as a pdf and printed on fun craft paper.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 7

To dress up the 99 cent plastic table clothes I found at Wal-Mart I used burlap as a table runner.  This tied in nicely with the twine I used to hang many of the decorations.  The burlap, twine and beer bottles really helped to dress up the party while still keeping it manly.

photo 5      photo 6

The final and maybe most important piece, to making this party great but low key was the food.  Instead of spending the whole evening in the kitchen prepping, then cooking, then serving and finally cleaning up dinner we opted to have the food brought to us.  Now catering can be expensive, but we went with a budget friendly local taco truck that pulled up right in our driveway!  This way everyone could order what they liked and the mess left with the truck when dinner was finished.

photo Here we are waiting for our tacos.

All in all it was a great party and it was so fun creating a special evening for my husband.

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