Pesto Chicken – A new family fave!

I love to cook! Many of my best dishes started with a recipe from a cookbook or cooking show, and evolved as I like to add, change and mix recipes together to create something new.  This pesto chicken though is one of the first dishes I have actually come up with all on my own! (I promise a picture next time, but every time I’ve made it recently its gone before I get one..) It’s a favorite of my husbands, and last weekend I made it for my whole family for my little brother’s 23rd birthday! Comments included: “You should sell this recipe to a magazine” – grandma ; “That’ll do!” – brother;  “Did you get this from pinterest? You should post it you’ll get lots of followers” – sarcastic neighbor.

Here’s the basic overview, hope you and your family enjoy!

Step 1 – Make (or buy) fresh pesto.  For a spicy twist make your pesto with half basil leaves and half arugula lettuce leaves.

Step 2- Roast cherry tomatoes and smashed garlic cloves covered with olive oil, salt and pepper in the oven for 25 min at 425 degrees.  When they are done, remove the garlic from the shell, and smash in a bowl with the tomatoes to create a chunky sauce.

Step 3 – Bake chicken breasts topped with your favorite blend of spices (I use garlic powder, lemon pepper, thyme and seasoned salt) and a small pat of butter on each piece.  Bake at 350 for 30-45 min.

Step 4 – When the chicken is done slather the pesto on top of each piece.  Next pour the tomato and garlic sauce on top.  Then, layer fresh sliced mozzarella on top and sprinkle a bit of grated parmesan cheese over that.  Finally broil on high until the cheese is melted and brown on top.

Serve with crusty French bread!



3 responses to “Pesto Chicken – A new family fave!

  1. I have a jar of pesto sauce in my fridge and am going to try this tonight! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Matt Benton

    It was a great Birthday meal!

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